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Introduction to Telegram and the importance of members

    • What is Telegram?

Considered by many to be the first global anonymity-focused social network, Telegram offers its users a unique platform to freely express their ideas. Created by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013 , what started as a simple anonymous chat has evolved into a social media phenomenon.

Telegram stands out for its ability to allow anyone to create their own channel. Once this channel is established, users can share and promote content on their own terms, while maintaining their anonymity. This feature has been a key factor in Telegram’s rise in popularity, providing a haven for those looking for a less intrusive platform compared to traditional social media giants.

Over the years, its growing popularity has attracted many influencers. The latter quickly recognized the added value of Telegram, in particular thanks to its commitment to user confidentiality. Thus, an increasing number of content creators and public figures have chosen Telegram as their preferred place to interact with their audiences, thereby strengthening its position in the global social media scene.

  • Why have a large number of members Telegram channel is sought after by some.

Nowadays, Telegram has established itself as an essential platform for professionals in various sectors. Whether in the world of business, the sale of training or the booming cryptocurrency sector, Telegram offers a privileged space for the promotion of these activities.

The reason ? A high number of members within a Telegram channel or group can play a key role in establishing credibility. For newcomers or people less familiar with a particular field, a strong presence on Telegram can serve as an indicator of trust. They are often more likely to trust and engage with an entity or brand that already enjoys a large active member base.

With this in mind, Telegram is not just a communications platform; it is also a strategic tool for businesses and entrepreneurs. Having a significant presence on Telegram can accelerate the launch of new business, attract a wider audience, and build trust with potential customers.

Why some choose to buy Telegram members

  • The benefits of buying members for your Telegram Channel

Buying members for your Telegram channel will allow you to grow your business faster than natural growth. For 10 euros, you can already have 1,000 members on your channel and thus inspire confidence in newcomers. Everyone is afraid when they go to a Telegram channel that has few subscribers: is it a scam?

Is the business real? There are too many scams on Telegram and users have become suspicious. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure the trust of your customers. This is why buying members for your Telegram channel can be a good option. There is no shame in that.

  • The Risks of Buying Telegram Members

Buying members for a Telegram channel may seem like a quick and easy method to boost its visibility and credibility. However, it is essential to understand that this practice may violate Telegram’s terms of service.

1. Integrity and authenticity:

Platforms like Telegram value authenticity. Having active, engaged and real members strengthens the credibility of a channel. On the other hand, artificial growth through purchasing members can mislead real users and degrade the quality of user experience.

2. Risk of sanctions:

Violating a platform’s terms of service may result in penalties. These penalties can vary, from limiting certain features to completely removing the channel. Services that offer membership purchasing often use bots or compromised accounts. These methods may expose your channel to security risks, including attacks, spam, or other forms of malicious behavior. If real users discover that the majority of a channel’s members have been purchased, it can seriously damage that channel’s reputation. Users may feel deceived and choose to unsubscribe or not engage.

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