Comment activer les messages Tiktok ?

Many people use Tiktok just to watch or share videos. However, it is possible to communicate with the account’s subscribers. This is an option that is subject to user authorization. Here are the essential steps to enable messaging.

Steps for activating Tiktok messages

All Tiktok accounts have messaging functionality . However, it is up to the creator to activate it before starting to use it.

Do you want to know how to activate Tiktok messages  ? The first step is to go to the “Account” icon. On the page that opens, you must choose and access the settings option. Here again, you will have to choose the “Confidentiality” tab, where most of the work will be done.

Enter “Messages” to modify your account configuration. Several options will appear in the menu that will appear. These include “Everyone on TikTok”, which implies that anyone on the social network can write to you.

If this option does not suit you, you can opt for subscribers only. In either case, you will have to confirm the changes made in the settings. From then on, you can receive or send messages from your Tiktok account.

The features of Tiktok messaging

Tiktok’s designers have worked hard to make the platform’s messaging very practical. So, you can send texts, videos or stickers to your contacts. In Tiktok messaging, you can even receive .

Posts on this network have been made much more fun for users. Indeed, you have the possibility of exchanging video stickers with your different subscribers. These items are included in the “Emoji” window of the Inbox.

How to activate Tiktok messages? Terms of functionality

To avoid problems on the platform, the app has set up terms for sending messages between subscribers. To begin with, an age limit has been set for access to this feature. Therefore, to send or receive messages, you must be at least 16 years old.

A restriction can also be made by the parents, until the child reaches the age of majority . Then, you must have the authorization of a subscriber before you can send them messages. Otherwise this person will never see the text you sent them.

If the messages are deemed inappropriate, the subscriber may block you. Which will mean that exchanges will no longer be possible.

Reasons for inability to send or receive messages on TikTok

Although some people respond to the previous terms, they cannot use their messaging. This is most of the time due to non-compliance with the social network’s instructions. In this case, you receive a warning , followed by blocking of messaging for a given period. The latter can be short or long, it depends on Tiktok’s assessment of the violation of the rules.

If possible, you can no longer have permanent access to messaging. Your account will therefore only be used to watch videos shared by other users of the platform.