Comment voir les publications aimées sur Instagram ?

Instagram is a social network on which there is enough interaction between users. Finding posts that have been liked allows you to revisit beautiful memories or change the initial reaction to the post. If you can’t do it, here’s how to do it.

Steps to see liked posts on Instagram

How to see liked posts on Instagram  ? To achieve this, it is important to follow certain steps . They are the same whether you use an Android or an iPhone to connect. As soon as you are on the Instagram application, go to your profile. The objective is to find the settings and choose the “ Your activity  ” option. It is materialized by the sign of a clock. By clicking on it, a menu containing several titles will be displayed.

You must choose the “Interactions” option. There, you will find all the publications that you have liked since the creation of the account. By selecting a post, you can see all possible details there. You have the possibility to classify interactions according to dates. This is a more efficient way to find a post you liked. This process also allows you to access old comments and opinions from your Instagram account.

The benefit of seeing liked posts on Instagram

Searching for liked posts on Instagram may seem pointless. However, it can be of great help in certain situations. First of all, this action allows you to know with which category of people you are interacting.

On the other hand, you have the possibility of finding content that really interested you. This may be a publication relating to a particular service . These different posts quickly disappear from the Instagram news feed . In fact, every minute, new content is uploaded by thousands of application users. However, when using this process, you must be careful not to violate Instagram’s security rules.

The method to find deleted content

Instagram doesn’t just allow you to see liked photos or different reactions. It is also possible to find and restore content that you have deleted. Once again, you will have to go to the “Your activity” tab. Scrolling down, you will find the “recently deleted” window. This is the option to select for the restore.

All recently deleted posts are stored at this level. All you have to do is select the ones that interest you and press “restore”. This is an operation that must be carried out in a very short time, because the longer it takes, the less chance you have of recovering the data.

The process for finding an unliked post

Without having liked a publication, you can find it on Instagram. This is a completely different procedure than liking posts. To get there, click on the magnifying glass displayed in the application, then enter the username of the interested party. Several accounts will appear as search results.

It is up to you to find the influencer or person and visit their page to find the publication. In case the username does not come to mind, a second option is possible. This involves using a hastag associated with the nature of the publication sought. As soon as the content is found, you can interact with a like or a comment.

Now you know how to see liked posts on Instagram. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this tip!